We grind them all, from tiny to huge! Using unique machine, we are able to grind stumps of any size, and any calibre.

We can even get into those hard to reach places!

Our Stump Grinders

These are our three stump grinders. With these three we can reach even your hard to reach places.

The benefits of stump grinding

  • No pulling of roots!
  • No underground utilities!
  • Smaller access space needed!
  • Creates garden mulch!
  • Cost effective!

How does it work?

Our stump grinders work by taking our machines and running the mulching blade across the stump back and forth until the stump is nothing but a pile of mulch that can be used for fertilizer, decor, and more!

Here it is in action

Before you decided to get an excavator to come dig up your yard, call us and get your stumps ground down in half the time, with none of the yard work damage!

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